How Much Time Do I Leave Between Shoots?

Photographers may make magic with their cameras, but they’re still subject to the same 24-hour day as everyone else. Professional photographers must work efficiently to maximize their income. Setting a schedule dictates what photographers do and when they do it, but doesn’t answer the question of how much time to leave between shoots. The amount […]

How to Photograph Real Estate With Pets and Children Around

A home is often still lived in by a family prior to its listing on the market, even if it has already been staged. Of those families, 37 percent include children under the age of 18 still living under the roof. Real estate photographers must take professional, quality photos of homes even when families — […]

Are You On The Right Track For Your Photography Goals?

How Do Photographers Tell If They’re Doing Good Work? Photographers are artists by their very nature. As with any artist, photographers want to know if they’re producing good work. After all, a photographer known for shooting stunning photos can quickly build a business, attract new clients, and command higher rates. There’s also a sense of […]

Why You Need to Carry a Wide Angle Lens and a Zoom Lens

Photographers tend to carry what feels like a metric ton of gear. Whether we’re carrying equipment to shoot in bad weather or different pairs of shoes, we’re always prepared for a variety of situations and shots. Our heavy packs often mean we leave a lot of gear behind at our offices and studios, however. While […]

Should I go to college for photography?

Do Photographers Need College Degrees? Novice photographers are often faced with two choices before embarking on a professional career path: attend school or learn as they go. There’s no one right answer. Every photographer has a unique situation and set of goals. Some novices may not be able to afford college tuition, while others may […]

Should Real Estate Photographers Edit Their Own Photos?

A real estate photographer’s job doesn’t end after snapping a few photos of a property. In fact, taking photos is only one aspect of our job. After each shoot, a real estate photographer typically refines and edits photos in post-processing. During this editing stage, we make sure each photo works to attract a buyer’s attention […]

Photography and Sales Tax

As a photographer, are you collecting sales tax?   Probably not, right?   In the state of Washington, digital photographs are treated the same as tangible, physical photographs — even if they’re transferred and sold electronically. This means that each photograph taken for a client is subject to retail B&O and sales tax. Photographers are […]

3 Ways Professional Photos Sell Homes

3 Ways Professional Photos Sell Homes The internet is one of the best tools for posting a real estate listing. With more than 80 percent of home buyers using the internet to search for a home and a stunning 93 percent of buyers younger than 36 years old finding their new home online, it’s important […]

One Light

Interior work is unlike any other form of photography – the lighting is complex and requires delicate planning and balance. Even more so, to make images “sexy”, as famous architectural photographer Scott Hargis puts it, you typically put multiple strobes in separate areas of a room or even outside a window to create the illusion […]