What is 3D Virtual Staging?

Many home listings give buyers the option to take a virtual walkthrough of a property from the comforts of their own home. Buyers can linger in a virtual room to discuss what they like or dislike and familiarize themselves with a home before meeting with an agent or realtor. 3D virtual staging takes a virtual […]

How Much Time Do I Leave Between Shoots?

Photographers may make magic with their cameras, but they’re still subject to the same 24-hour day as everyone else. Professional photographers must work efficiently to maximize their income. Setting a schedule dictates what photographers do and when they do it, but doesn’t answer the question of how much time to leave between shoots. The amount […]

Why You Should Hire a US-Based Virtual Staging Agency

Virtual staging is a digital process. Because it’s digital, it can be performed by just about any professional, independent of location. You can choose to hire a local Washington-based virtual staging expert or an agency across the country — or globe. But should you hire a US agency to virtually stage your home, or are […]

How Virtual Staging Helps the Planet

Home staging has significant benefits to selling a home faster and for more money. According to the National Association of Realtors, 83 percent of buyers’ agents claim staging a home makes it easier for a buyer to envision it as their future home. But traditional staging — physically staging a home with furniture and decor […]

How to Photograph Real Estate With Pets and Children Around

A home is often still lived in by a family prior to its listing on the market, even if it has already been staged. Of those families, 37 percent include children under the age of 18 still living under the roof. Real estate photographers must take professional, quality photos of homes even when families — […]

How To Decide Which Style To Use In Virtual Staging

Staging a home is an effective means of increasing its listing price and visibility to would-be homebuyers. According to a report by the National Association of Realtors: 40 percent of buyers’ agents cited that home staging had an effect on most buyers’ view of the home, and 83 percent of buyers’ agents said staging a […]